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Primer Design (PRIDE 2.0)

PRIDE is a primer design program that automatically designs primers in single contigs or whole sequencing projects to extend the already known sequence and to double strand single-stranded regions. The program is fully integrated into the Staden package (GAP4).
More details about PRIDE as well as about additional tools you will find in the manual.

A less automated version of PRIDE which can only be used for the design of primers on a single sequence is presented at


  • highly automated
  • minimal set of user-defined parameters
  • ability to check for secondary binding sites within vector or repetitive elements
  • fast computation of primers also on complicated sequences (e.g. high GC-content)
  • already designed primers are recognized
  • visualization of primers by specific tags
  • primers are named uniquely according to the template they are designed on
  • flexible naming convention by using regular expressions
  • additional tools for displaying and removal of groups of annotation tags

  • Availability and Compatibility
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